Why I Think Your Team Sucks: Philadelphia Eagles.

Welcome to Why I Think Your Team Sucks. I am doing a personal review of everything that I don’t like about all 32 teams in the NFL, without any research or fact checking so it is only from personal opinion and what I think I know about the teams, in whatever order I want to do them in. I will do 2 teams a day, one from the NFC, one from the AFC. Hope you enjoy!

Today’s NFC Team: The Philadelphia Eagles.

Being a cowboys fan, this one is also a bit easy. The main thing that I don’t like about the Philadelphia Eagles is that they have been beating the shit out of us for as long as I can remember. Always knocking us out of the NFC East running, and making us look like the jackasses that we are.

Now that my Cowboys POV is out of the way, I also don’t like the fans, and the way that the city views the team. Now I know that the Eagles haven’t brought the city a whole boat load of rings or anything, but they have had some great players over the years, and as soon as one player trips a little, they start throwing snowballs filled with rocks at them and booing them. They cannot appreciate what they have. And they are all assholes, all of them. They are pretentious, and gluttonous, and just overall nasty people. I would rather play football in the Coliseum with live tigers and a roman emperor watching with my fate in his hands than play football in that shit-hole of a city.

Now all you eagles fans can go back to ruining the Cowboys playoff hopes year after year and loving Kevin Kolb for 3 years then completely turning on him when your team goes 8-8.


About Tonto

Hi, I'm Tonto, that is a picture of me right there. You may confuse me with the other Tonto from the lone ranger, but I'm nothin like that guy, I stick it to the man, and I am actaually native american...kinda. I dont really like my job, because I work for the man... but only on an undercover assignment to find his weaknesses... and the steady pay-check... and becuase he tricked me into signing a contract...damn...I just remembered why the whites won.
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