Do You See Failure or Success?

I seemed to have one of those days today, where every life memory seems to attack you all in one day.  For some unforeseen reason the memories of the girl in high school I couldn’t get over that saw fit to throw my heart into the blender on more than one occasion found its way into my head.  Then of course to follow were thoughts of my ex-wife.  I couldn’t help, but think of the question I’m proposing in the title of the post.

Now this is something I’m sure I’ve hit on in other posts, but I thought it was definitely something worth focusing on again.  Honestly I think most people that experience what they consider to be a failed relationship focus on just that thought… that it was a failure.  If you’re anything like me though, you think a little beyond the word failure.  You have to take the time to think how that experience helped you develop.  What is it that you can take away from that experience??

I’m the type of person that just can’t possibly see any relationship as a failure.  I believe that each relationship we experience in our lives was meant to happen to help all parties involved.  Some may carry more impact than others, but none the less still carry an impact.  Did it show me that I need to take more time to appreciate just how good that person was to me or for me?  Did it show me that I need to work on expressing my feelings towards someone to show them just how much they mean to me?  Do I need to realize that it just isn’t always about me and how I can go above and beyond to make that other person happy??

At some point in time you have to realize that what has happened in the past is the past.  If you can expand the way you view those experiences of the past you set yourself up for success.  You take what you’ve experienced and use it to your benefit to be a better person from this point on… no excuses.  Do or do not… there is not try!

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3 Responses to Do You See Failure or Success?

  1. sharkin says:

    Consider writing down in a journal the things you DO want in a partner and then start creating that reality. The small moments in life when you experience elation and joy, that is when you are connected to Source. You can call it whatever you want. I believe the key to living in this time and space is to always be surrounding yourself in THOSE moments. Then you are aligned, you are vibrationally matched up, tapped in tuned in and turned on to receive flowing abundance into your life. The past moments are the past moments, they really do not need any scrutiny or close observation. Take those moments and experiences and place them in the PEACE BOX.

    Love Always

  2. Aurelius says:

    Well put.. I know this post seemed to start out about me, but really it was meant to be about all the people that spend so much time dwelling in the past.. it was just those thoughts of the past that made me think about how wasteful of a time it is to live in!

  3. MiddleWay says:

    The parts of our lives that have passed, should be lessons for the now !

    As Dr. Wayne Dyer says …….. the past is like the wake of a boat. The wake does not control the forward progress of the boat. The person at the controls do. (paraphrasing him there)

    Many moons ago, I recall my dtr having been in a few ‘serious’ relationships that had not worked out. They had not worked out because she was not willing to compromise and settle with those men.

    There is NO ONE person who is perfect, relationship wise, but there are people who are more compatible.

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