Let it be

There is one GRAND lie- that we are limited.

The ONLY limits we have are the limits we believe. Dr. Wayne Dyer

I’ve been listening to some wonderful advice (Abraham Hicks) on the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

I’ve listened to and understood this concept for a few years now. But I have seemed to let the contrast of life just take over. Instead of making that contrast allow abundance into my life. Me you the entire universe can have ANYTHING we desire. ANYTHING. That is limitless, money, a partner you have been searching for, the perfect job. It sounds like a Disney movie in the making, but I believe it is all possible.

I desire to tap in to this limitless power. To have anything I want. I want to to close this gap in my life. There is a void, and I fill it with nicotine, alcohol. Those substances numb me to the discord I feel. I don’t want discord anymore, I want happiness and to say I have it without anything that is chemically induced. I know I have that power within me to do so. How about YOU? Do you feel this longing to be something more. Do you feel those glimpses of infinite source that you sometimes tap into. Don’t you want to feel that more.

I know that all of us our infinite beings living in a wonderful time space reality. I hope if you are reading my post you test the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Hitting all green lights is MY favorite small step! It is SO exhilarating!


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