The Four Persons: A Different Take

Hello all, This place does still exist. Lost in the bowels of hell, I mean the internet. Anywho, I am posting another paper I wrote for my English class. I think that is what I will do from now on.

Years ago I wrote of a reoccurring dream I had. I used that dream (and the great help of writing it down here) to write a fictional, first-person, first-person, third-person POV.  Please feel free to leave any feed back. Here it is:

Please be aware that I wrote the original on 10.01.10. I wrote this on 10.06.15. Damn how time flies. 

Four Persons

The scene: It is an over cast winter day in some unknown northern college town. Lawson and Nora are sitting in the middle of Lawson’s dorm room floor. The windows are fogged up due to the heat the room emits and the white coldness that is present outside. Nora is being held in Lawson’s arms with Lawson’s eyes being closed. Lawson opens his eyes with a startle as he realizes there are four people in his room; four people with no faces.

Lawson’s first-person account:

As I sit here holding Nora, I still cannot believe how happy I finally am; I am finally in love with the girl of my dreams. Three weeks ago at the over-priced coffee shop I work at, I accidently spilt her pumpkin spice latte on her new designer coat at the counter. I asked for her number in a promise to pay for the cleaning. Ever since then I haven’t been able to keep her out of my mind. Her beautiful, auburn colored hair, her flawless skin, her cute little crooked nose, she is the most perfect specimen there ever was.

That day after I finished my shift, I texted her and asked how much it was going to cost. At first her responses were a bit quick and only consisted of the facts, but then slowly I lightened her up a bit and she started to act more comfortably in our textual conversation. That night we texted back and forth for three hours. The next day I asked her to coffee. She was pretty apprehensive about it at first but then she succumbed to my “adorable” pestering.

At our first date, one thing lead to another after that first cup of coffee. Coffee started turning into cheap well whiskeys and vodkas which then turned into pot and talk of doing other drugs I had. I was living the life I always wanted; I was living the life of the boy who had found a girl who enjoyed the same things he did. Then one day sitting in my dorm room on a very cold wintery day holding her in my arms in the midst of my hardwood floor, four persons without faces appeared.

The first thing I noticed was Nora was completely still. That is what alerted me in the first place. Her body was slightly cold and neither a tremor nor breath came from her. I asked her, “Are you ok?” She did not respond. She just looked off with glazed eyes in the direction of the four persons. That is when I noticed them. Four very different yet identical persons with no faces. They all wore a blackish garment that hung loosely around them as if floating by a breeze that couldn’t be felt.

Immediately I knew this was where things in the world would end. These persons radiated something that felt like death, tasted like death, and smelt like death. In that split second of realizing the fate that was to come, I came up with only solution I could fathom. That solution consisted of two things: one, the knowing that death was eminent and two, Nora and I had to be together in the afterlife.

I had a Bulgarian Makarov pistol hiding under the drawers that were about two feet from me. I looked right into her eyes and whispered from the confines of my heart, “I love you, Nora. You know what is going to happen. Do what I do and we can be together no matter where we go.”

I reached for the gun but it was not there. It was already sitting next to me on the ground. The four persons felt as if they were looking upon me in excitement and wonderment. I can do this I said to myself. I grabbed the pistol and put it to my temple.

Nora’s first-person account:

I was getting my first pumpkin spice latte of the season when all of a sudden the barista spills it all over my new designer coat I just bought. I was furious! The boy, who later that day I found out was named Lawson, offered to pay for the cleaning. In doing so, I made what could be the worst decision I have made in my short life, I gave him my phone number.

At first he was just trying to find out how much it would cost. I mean, it was brand new and extremely expensive. I saw his tip jar, I knew he didn’t make much money, but for some reason I gave him my number. After the initial questions about how much, when, and where it would get cleaned passed, he wouldn’t quit texting me. For three hours he kept bugging me about getting coffee. Eventually I said yes just so we could get on with how he was going to reimburse me the cost of the cleaning. So the next day we had coffee.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. We talked about random things and I could tell he wasn’t used to talking to an attractive girl like I am. I thought it was cute. When we were done with coffee we decided to get drinks. This is when we are started talking about drugs we have tried. I am pretty unknowledgeable when it comes to drugs, but I figure hey, I am in college I might as well try something other than pot. The next few weeks went by in a blur. I think I had a lot of fun but couldn’t exactly say what from.

One day I go to Lawson’s dorm, it was very cold outside and after smoking a joint we did some tabs of acid. This is where I started to lose my mind. Lawson was crying and telling me how much he loved me and that no one could ever have me. How he was all I needed. He was rambling on about these Four Persons. I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. I started to imagine four persons standing there, looking at us, then I would shake my head and they would disappear! Was he telling me a story and I was making my mind think these things? The boy was so damn weird! He was lanky and had hair that looked like it hadn’t been comb since he first grew it as a baby so he already looked a little bit odd. He would then tell me these off the wall stories. The stories were always centered around suicide, love, or faceless figures he saw. It had to be the faceless figures he talked about I was seeing.  Was I seeing them now, the faceless figures? Jesus, this boy was stealing my sanity.

In the end I was tripping pretty hard when I told him I didn’t like him the way he liked me. This is when he got this very weird cold hard look in his eyes. He went completely silent. After about a minute he slowly started to reach for something under his chest of drawers. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me.

A third-person account:

This is always how it happens. Either the boy or the girl, always the awkward one, does something that embarrasses them in front of the opposite sex they find themselves attracted to. Eventually they lose all ability to control themselves. They become fixated on them. Lawson was an intelligent kid. He was top of his class in junior high and high school. However, he wasn’t a cool, popular kid. He would volunteer for events just so he could attend. He never had friends. It was all books, studying, and contemplating his life’s existence. He was an odd boy. An odd boy who was given the correct ingredients growing up to give himself a delusional view of himself.

Nora was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with. She wasn’t beautiful like her friends but she wasn’t ugly by no means either. Her father was a man of money. Her grandfather owned banks back in the 50’s and her father inherited those riches. Her mother did nothing but inflate the ego she carried. However, she knew she could be shallow. That shallowness is the reason she gave Lawson a chance.

So after their chance encounter, an unforeseeable event was to occur. Lawson, in an obsessive mind state, intensified by more acid than he has ever attempted, confessed his love to Nora not knowingly at the time he had a potential for violent schizophrenic tendencies. When Lawson kept confessing his love for Nora, she finally responded back that she did not like him that way. Lawson, delusional and upset, grab the pistol he had bought as a kid growing in the southwest area of the United States and shot Nora. However, he did not remember any of this.

Instead, what he remembers is creating beautiful images of holding Nora. That is when he sees the Four Persons. He has seen the Four Persons in his dreams since he was thirteen years old, always staring at their unknown faces. He knew what the dreams held, death. But the acid made him forget it was just images from a dream, a dream he had told Nora about numerously. So he says to Nora, “I love you, you know what is going to happen. Do what I do and we can be together no matter where we go.”

Nora’s cold dead eyes stare off at the wall where Lawson saw the Four Persons. Lawson puts the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger. He then finally releases Nora’s dead, cold body and they both tumble to the floor just as the door is being busted down by his neighbor.

Note: I was progressively getting drunker and drunker towards the end. Firesteed makes a great pinot noir. I was also listening to Lord Huron’s “Strange Trails” album. 

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